Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a pop music sensation worth around $250 million. She was the youngest artist every signed by Sony/ATV Music and has won nearly 300 awards for her talents, including multiple Grammys. In fact, she was the first woman to win the Grammy for Album of the Year twice. While you might find that having her on your board could cause some “Bad Blood,” you’ll almost certainly be able to “Shake It Off,” and “Begin Again.” You may find after she joins your company that “Everything Has Changed,” but before long your entire Board of Directors could be “Fearless.”

Lady Gaga

Born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, the woman who would become known as Lady Gaga started her career as an actress, then transitioned to music and songwriting. Her debut album The Fame in 2008 rocked audiences, her second album even more so, selling over a million copies in its very first week. Worth over $250 million, she performed at the Super Bowl in 2017 in what would become the most viewed musical performance in history. While you may find her “Poker Face” tough to read at Board meetings, you’re unlikely to find having her on the team to be a “Bad Romance,” In fact, her business acumen may leave you “Speechless” or saying you are “So Happy I Could Die.” If you find her managerial style makes you think of her as a “Monster,” just remember she was “Born This Way.”


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