Time to test your co-workers’ knowledge of famous family business pioneers! Cover the clues up and one at a time, see who can come up with the name of this family business giant first! Answer at the bottom (trust us, it’s there. don’t peek!)

  1. I am an American
  2. I was born in Queens, New York
  3. My full name is Josephine
  4. My first job was in the family hardware store
  5. I really dreamed of being an actress
  6. I started my family business with my husband
  7. I made many of my products in the kitchen
  8. I won the Presidential Medal of Freedom
  9. I started my own company in 1946
  10. I created my first signature product in 1953
  11. I had two sons
  12. My first big customer was Saks Fifth Avenue
  13. I would sometimes show up and interact with my customers
  14. I created the marketing technique of “gift with purchase”
  15. I once got an order at a store by “accidentally” spilling my product on the floor, creating customer demand for it on the spot
  16. I retired from being President in 1973 but stayed on as Chairman of the Board
  17. My son took over the company after I retired
  18. I called the Duchess of Windsor, Princess Grace of Monaco, Nancy Reagan and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. friends.
  19. I turned down an ambassadorship
  20. I died in 2004 at the age of 97











ɹǝpnɐ˥ ǝǝʇsƎ

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