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Family Business Enterprises, Inc. its subsidiaries or affiliated companies (with its affiliates “FBE”, “we” or “us”) owns and operates a website with a home page located at (including mobile applications and linked/connected websites and their subdomains, collectively, the “Site”). We value the privacy of individuals who visit the Site (the “Visitor(s)”, or “you”). This Website Privacy Policy (this “Privacy Policy”) has been created to inform Visitors of the types of individual and technical information that is or may be collected on the Site and the privacy policies and practices that FBE follows with respect to the use and dissemination of such information. This Privacy Policy does not apply to websites and services that are owned or operated by third parties.

1. Effective Date. This Privacy Policy is effective as the date first set forth above and may be updated and modified from time to time by us in our sole discretion. If we choose to update or modify this Privacy Policy, such updated or modified policy shall become effective after its posting to the Site. Accordingly, we encourage you to periodically review this Privacy Policy and the Site in order to keep apprised of our current privacy practices. If you do not agree to any provision of this Privacy Policy, or any update or modification of it, please do not use the Site.

2. What information do we collect?

a. Personal Information. Our goal is to help you understand what Personal Information (as defined below) is collected by us and how such information will be used before you decide whether to disclose it. Personally identifiable information (“Personal Information”) means individually identifiable information about a Visitor, including without limitation a Visitor’s full name, company name, title, user name and password, e‑mail address, telephone number and street address. Personal Information does not include information in a form that is aggregated with other information so as not to be reasonably identifiable as Visitor, and information in a form that otherwise is detached, combined, organized, segmented, modified or processed so as not to be reasonably capable of being associated with Visitor (“Nonpersonal Information”). As a result, Nonpersonal Information is not restricted by this Privacy Policy as to use, sharing or otherwise.

b. Information That You Provide. Information collected from you will vary, depending on how you use the Site, how the Site is configured and what information you may choose to provide to us (whether via mail, telephone, e‑mail or otherwise). It may be possible to browse various sections of the Site without submitting any Personal Information. In addition, for security reasons there may be features on the Site that require you to confirm your Personal Information or provide additional Personal Information. You may choose not to provide us with Personal Information, but as a consequence you may not be able to use the Site, or take advantage of certain features of the Site, and we may not be able to provide you with certain requested information, products and/or services.

c. Automatic Collection. Like many websites on the Internet, we automatically track certain information (either directly or through third party services, such as Google Analytics) about you as you visit and use the Site in order to help us (1) better understand, improve and modify the Site; (2) better understand how the Site is used and experienced; (3) better understand how we can enhance your experience or others overall experience on one or more of the Site; and (4) ensure that a Visitor is using the Site in accordance with the Sites Terms of Use (“Terms of Use”). This tracked or automatically gathered information may include, among other things, your computer’s Internet Protocol (IP) address, the URLs and Site pages that you have visited, sections of or content on Site pages on which you click or in which you are interested, the number of times you visit each Site page, what downloads and/or search queries you have made, how long you spent on particular sections of the Site and on the Site generally, how much content has been accessed and your type of web browser. This automatically gathered data includes but is not limited to information provided through the use of “cookies”, which are described in more detail below.

d. Information from Cookies. We may send small files or other similar strings of information to your computer (collectively “Cookies”) and store such Cookies on your computer so that we can recognize it as a unique machine the next time you visit the Site.  Cookies may also be used to perform statistical and administrative tasks including measuring Site and page traffic, and positioning images on the web. You acknowledge that certain Cookies may be integral to enabling you to access the Site, or essential to the performance of the Site, and recognize that the Site may have limited functionality or no functionality at all, if you decline to accept Cookies. Therefore, you agree to accept these Cookies in connection with using the Site. Should you change your mind and decide that you are not comfortable with Cookies being stored on your computer, you must take action to select the appropriate settings in your browser. Each browser’s Cookie control is a little different, but the most common browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari) have a preference or option you can select so the browser notifies you if a site wants to set a Cookie and typically provides an option to accept or reject the Cookie before the Cookie is set.

e. Information from Other Sources. We also collect information that is publicly available. For example, we may collect information you submit to a blog, a chat room or a social network like Facebook, Twitter or Google+. We may also collect information about you from other companies and organizations. By gathering additional information about you, we can correct inaccurate information and give you product recommendations and special offers that are more likely to interest you.

3. How is information about me used and shared?

a. Personal Information. Except as provided in this Privacy Policy, we do not willfully disclose Personal Information about our Visitors to anyone outside of our corporate family without first receiving Visitor’s permission. We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer your Personal Information to unaffiliated parties, and FBE will not share your Personal Information with its affiliates if prohibited by applicable law or regulation.

b. Support. Notwithstanding the above, we may engage or use other companies and individuals (1) to perform supporting functions for the various tools, functionality, information, products and services offered through the Site; (2) to perform or support various tasks or initiatives instrumental to the business of, or related to operating or improving, the Site; or (3) to assist us in testing, maintaining or improving the features, content or effectiveness of the Site or in performing research or development. These service providers may be permitted to receive from us and use Nonpersonal Information, as well as Personal Information provided by you or collected from you, but such service providers will not be permitted to use Personal Information for any purpose other than in connection with performing the limited support functions for FBE.

c. Administrative Use and Required Disclosure. We reserve the right to use Personal Information to send you e‑mails, letters or other messages relating to the products, services, promotions and discounts offered by FBE and other e‑mails and notifications about major changes to the Site (although we are not obligated to notify you regarding such Site changes). We may also release Personal Information or other information that we collect from you if we believe that such action is reasonably necessary to (1) comply with legal process; (2) enforce the Terms of Use for the Site; (3) identify, contact or bring legal action against persons or entities who are or we believe have caused or might cause injury to us or a third party; (4) defend or respond to claims brought or threatened against FBE, its employees, directors, suppliers, service providers, Visitors or others; or (5) otherwise protect or assert the rights, property, interests or personal safety of FBE, its employees, directors, suppliers, service providers, Visitors or others. Any such release decisions may be made by us in our sole discretion.

d. Asset Transfers. We continue to develop our business and in doing so might choose to acquire other businesses or sell our business or certain assets of our business. The Personal Information and other information that we collect from you in connection with your use of the Site is considered one component of our business assets and would likely be transferred/included in such transactions. We will not, however, sell your Personal Information to companies whose goal is to market services and products, and in such event we will use commercially reasonable efforts to protect your Personal Information.

e. Nonpersonal Information. Nonpersonal Information may be shared with third parties, including listing providers, advertisers, service providers and others, so that we may better understand how the Site is used, to enhance the overall experience on the Site and otherwise in connection with our operation of the Site and conducting our business.

f. Children’s Privacy. In compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, 15 U.S.C. §§ 6501 - 6506 and 16 C.F.R. §§ 312.1 - 312.12, FBE does not permit children under 13 years of age to use of the Site. Visitors between the ages of 13 and 18 must use the assistance of a parent or guardian before they use or visit the Site. FBE does not collect information from children. By using the Site, Visitor represents that Visitor is not under 13 years of age and will not permit such a person from accessing the Site. You agree to contact FBE immediately if you have knowledge that a child under the age of 13 has used the Site or submitted Personal Information to us, via the Site or otherwise.

g. California Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance. In compliance with the Online Privacy Protection Act of 2003, California Business and Professions Code Sections 22575-22579, FBE does not distribute your Personal Information to third parties without your consent other than as set forth in this Privacy Policy.

California Civil Code Section 1798.83 permits those Visitors that are California residents to request certain information regarding our disclosure of your Personal Information to other parties. To make such a request, please send an email to, or write to us at: Family Business Enterprises, Inc., 9854 National Blvd., Suite 203, Los Angeles, CA 90034.

4. How can I access and change my Personal Information? You may change the Personal Information you have submitted via the Site by contacting FBE. By contacting FBE to make such changes, you expressly authorize FBE to access your Personal Information and any associated data or accounts for the purpose of completing your requested edits, modifications and/or deletions. If you would like to receive a copy of the Personal Information we have about you as submitted to us via the Site, please send a request via U.S. Mail using the contact information set forth below. You may also ask us to remove your name and other Personal Information from our database, in which case we will make reasonable efforts to do so, subject to legal and other considerations. You understand that any changes you may make, or ask us to make, regarding your Personal Information, may adversely affect or otherwise change the availability, deliverability or quality of the Site for you, and prevent you from accessing the information, features, products or services in which you are interested or your overall experience on or relating to the Site. As set forth in the Terms of Use, FBE reserves the right to terminate any Visitor’s access to the Site for any reason, including as a result of Visitor’s desire for FBE to alter or remove Personal Information.

5. How do we protect your information? Whenever Personal Information is stored on our computers, that information is protected from unauthorized access or use by way of passwords or other industry-acknowledged means. We will use commercially reasonable efforts only to electronically transmit or ask for Personal Information over secure Internet connections using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption, an accepted standard for online security, but cannot guarantee that all such information will be encrypted in such fashion. Since we take our responsibility to secure Personal Information seriously, you agree to assist us in this effort by limiting the disclosure of Personal Information to only such information which is required, watching your web browser to monitor whether the connection is encrypted prior to submitting such information, informing us immediately if you suspect that Personal Information (whether yours or that of another) is accidentally being disclosed, and alerting us if you believe that Personal Information is being used in a manner that is contrary to this Privacy Policy, the Terms of Use or otherwise in any improper manner. You hereby acknowledge that no data transmission over the Internet nor any storage of information on servers or other media is guaranteed or entirely secure, and agree that even though FBE will take steps to safeguard Personal Information, FBE will not be responsible for the disclosure of Personal Information if FBE has taken reasonable steps to safeguard this information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. We cannot promise, guarantee or warrant the complete security of Personal Information.

6. Opt-out of Google Analytics. The Site enables Google Analytics, which collects and analyzes certain information described in Paragraph 2.c. above. In order to provide Visitors with more choice on how their data is collected by Google Analytics, we want you inform you of the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on. The add-on communicates with the Google Analytics JavaScript to indicate that information about your visit to the Site should not be sent to Google Analytics. To opt-out, download or install the add-on for your current web browser. The Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on is available for Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Opera.

7. Opt-out of Further Communications. You have the opportunity to opt out of receiving further communications from us at the time you register an account with the Site or provide your information to the Site. Alternatively, if you initially decide to receive information from us, but at a later date wish to remove your information from our database, you can do so by sending an email to us at the email address listed below.

8. Contacting Us. FBE welcomes Visitor’s feedback. Visitors who have any questions or comments concerning this Privacy Policy or their experiences with the Site should contact FBE at, or:

Family Business Enterprises, Inc.
9854 National Blvd., Suite 203
Los Angeles, CA 90034

9. Terms of Use. Please also visit our Terms and Conditions [insert hyperlink] section establishing the use, disclaimers and limitations of liability governing the use of the Site.

10. Your Consent. By using the Site, Visitor consents to this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use. FBE reserves the right to modify, alter or update this Privacy Policy at any time. FBE will post any revised Privacy Policy on the Site to apprise Visitors of what information FBE collects, how FBE uses it, and under what circumstances FBE may disclose it. Any modifications, alterations or updates of this Privacy Policy will be effective upon posting, and Visitor’s continued use of the Site will constitute Visitor’s consent to any revised Privacy Policy.

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