Jessica Alba, founder of The Honest Company. Photo courtesy of The Honest Company

Pop Culture Report: Jessica Alba and the Honest Company

One of the most popular celebrities among Millennials and Gen-Xers alike is Jessica Alba, famous for her roles in such films as Sin City, Fantastic Four and Into the Blue. But perhaps more impressive than her on-screen rules is her business acumen. In 2012, Jessica created the Honest Company, a company that manufactures non-toxic household products. From nothing, Jessica created a company that is now worth nearly $2 billion, and she was inspired to do it by a family member.

That family member was her own child. As a new mom, Jessica realized that she could not find an all-natural baby detergent for her child. She quickly learned there was a severe lack of safe, healthy household care products that she could feel comfortable having around her family. So, she decided to create them herself. She teamed up with a non-toxic chemical expert, pitcher her idea to investor Brian Lee, raised six million dollars and launched with 17 non-toxic health care products.

From there, the company skyrocketed. By 2014, the Honest Company was selling 90 products to companies like Target, Whole Foods, Buy Buy Baby and Nordstrom. They also split off with a cosmetics line, Honest Beauty. Today the company does millions and millions of dollars of sales. It just shows you what a Millennial inspired by her family can do!

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