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Los Angeles’ history is deeply rooted in family businesses and their legacies.  Whether it's the Chandler Family (LA Times) Getty Family (oil) or the 1000s of other enterprises, family businesses shaped today’s Los Angeles.

The next generation of Family Businesses, Family Offices and Family Foundations have the opportunity to shape Los Angeles’ future by working in concert and fulfilling their destinies.

Families Giving Back --- California Community Foundation

California Community Foundation (CCF) launched the Covid-19 La County Response Fund so Families and Corporations can  address the immediate and emerging needs of our region’s most vulnerable residents.

Family Business Restaurant Recipes --- CASA VEGA – Vegetable Tamales

Anyone thinking that Casa Vegas' "Hollywood  Moment" was in "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" is wrong.   Celebrities like Marlon Brando, Gary Cooper and John Wayne were frequent patrons on the eatery.

Family Foto: Helms Bakery

Helms Bakery is one of the great indoor/outdoor spaces on the Westside.  It's history is even more remarkable.  Starting in the 1930s, their ubiquitous Helms Bakery trucks would put Instacart to shame.

Family Business Confidential: Red Apple Farm

NxtGen Nexus gives you the story behind the story about life in the Family Business. Al Rose, third generation owner and operator of 105-year-old Rose Apple Farm, shares the story of how he came into the family business.


The Journey

The Journey

Every NxtGen makes a decision about entering the Family Business. How did your journey begin?


Forget fingers and toes. Forget whether you look like Aunt Edna. The only question anybody cares about going into the Family Business.

First Job

How old were you? Did you get paid? Ha ha. Did you get lunch out of it?

Nxt Door Neighbors

Living next  door to cousins was great, especially if your Aunt‘s cooler than your Mom. But does Mom really like spending 24/7 with Dad’s family?

Family Business Rituals

Was it potluck dinner on inventory day? How come my family had to take inventory, but my cousins didn’t? In “Bloodline,” they had the Family Table.

Rejecting It All

Could you imagine living the rest of your life without being “the kid”?

Coming Home

Sure they’re crazy, but they’re your crazy. Whether you join the business or not, you’ll always have a home.

Your Journey

NGN Community members share a moment of clarity about their business and about their lives:

Javaid Ansari - G2
Executive Vice President
Compak Asset Management


Your Twin?


LA Family Business

Lasorda Family Wines is a family endeavor founded by Baseball Hall of Fame manager Tommy Lasorda
NGN Family Business Listings

NGN-LA Partners

California Community Foundation has a 100+ year history of serving LA's neediest communities.  Since 2000, CCF has given more than $200 million in discretionary grants, impacting hundreds of thousands of lives and helping to transform entire communities.

Featured Article

Century-old Broguiere’s Dairy is Hopeful Business Won’t Dry Out

When Gelson’s market posted on social media in late May that the over-century-old Broguiere’s Farm Fresh Dairy processing plant and market in Montebello would soon be shutting down, owner Ray Broguiere Jr. hadn’t anticipated the mountain of support to keep it open.


NxtGen Nexus Family Business Learning Modules

Small Group Family Business Learning Modules create conversations to address issues with Family Businesses and Family Offices.

NxtGen Nexus Family Business Webinar Series

The Family Business Webinar Series highlights some of the biggest challenges facing all family businesses and family offices.

NxtGen Nexus Community Events

NxtGen Nexus Community Events brings LA's NxtGen Community together to celebrate extraordinary experience of being part of a family business.

Around Town

There are a lot of events dedicated to Family Businesses and Family Offices.  Here they are.

 Upcoming NGN-LA Events


Dr. Keri Ohlrich

Dr. Keri Ohlrich

Abbracci Group

Family Business HR 101

Dr. Keri Ohlrich has led an extensive career as an outcome focused business executive in her 20+ years working in the HR field. She is the CEO and co-founder of Abbracci Group, the co-author of the book, The Way of the HR Warrior, and the co-host of the podcast reCHARGE® Your Life.

At the heart of Dr. Ohlrich’s work is to improve the environment of organizations which in turn improves the lives of employees. Whether it is coaching and training leaders, performing cultural assessments or helping develop HR professionals into HR Warriors, she wants all to reach their potential. Dr. Ohlrich has been featured in HR and business industry articles, interviewed on multiple podcasts and spoken at numerous events in the United States and internationally.

Sasha Strauss

Sasha Strauss

Innovation Protocol

Branding Next Generation Family Businesses

Sasha Strauss teaches from 25 years in brand strategy, having defined brands for leading corporations, philanthropies, faiths, and academic institutions worldwide.

Sasha's distinct and direct approach to how brands must be constructed and communicated is the foundation for his brand strategy firm, Innovation Protocol (IP).  Innovator brands like Nestlé, PayPal, LEGO, Google, Disney, and Korn Ferry have called on their consulting and thought leadership for 14 years.

While running IP as Managing Director, Sasha concurrently teaches brand strategy at UCLA, USC, and UCI graduate business schools.

Dr. Meshie-Mai Ronit Lami

Dr. Meshie-Mai Ronit Lami

Dr. Lami

The Other Side of Wealth

Dr. Meshie-Mai Ronit Lami is unique within the wealth management industry.  Being a Coach and Wealth Psychologist, she assists global HNW families to manage the non-fiscal aspects of their wealth across the generations, she focuses entirely on people and the quality of their relationships rather than on the day-to-day decisions of wealth management or legacy and estate planning. 

Dr. Lami comes from a family business background, giving her both a personal and professional understanding of the challenges faced by her clients. 

Eric Sussman

Eric Sussman


Real Estate Entrepreneurialism

Since 1995, Eric has been a faculty member in accounting and real estate at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, where he has been voted Teacher of the Year fifteen times by Anderson's MBA students, has been awarded the Citibank Teaching Award (1998) and the Neidorf Decade Teaching Award (2008), both voted upon by a committee of faculty members, and received the University-wide Distinguished Teaching Award in 2015.

He has also received recognition by Bloomberg-Business Week as one of the Top Ten Most Popular Business School Professors in the country, and recognition as one of the most influential business school faculty alive today. He has taught courses at UC Berkeley, George Washington University, and the Helsinki School of Economics, and created a series of 12 lectures on accounting and finance for the Great Courses (the Teaching Company).


NGN-LA Market Leadership

Allen Esrock

Allen Esrock

NxtGen Nexus

Allen Esrock is the founder of NxtGen Nexus. Allen started working for Big Men’s Shop, his family business, when he was five-years old. His first job was guarding the front door during holiday shopping season.

Allen went through the age-old debate of going into the family business. After joining a buyer's training program at Macy's, he moved to Los Angeles and pursued his dream of being a television comedy. After tasting success, he realized that he hated being a television writer and became an executive recruiter and digital media entrepreneur. He was the Founder of Jitter Fingers, a safe social networking platform for tween girls and their bffs, with on-line clubs in 200+ cities in the US and ten countries. After speaking at a Family Business Event, Allen saw the needs to engage Family Business NxtGens, he developed NxtGen Nexus.

Heath Goldman

Heath Goldman

ICON Wealth & Legacy Partners

Acting as the Financial Architect for business owners, I help them save money utilizing a unique 6-step planning process. In addition, I coordinate the collaborative efforts of their 5 key advisors. This typically includes the CPA, attorney, insurance professional, investment professional as well as their CFO to help with the creation of a customized financial plan. My process can potentially help already affluent business owners or real estate entrepreneurs to reduce or eliminate ordinary income, capital gains and/or estate taxes.
Gideon Grunfeld

Gideon Grunfeld

Rainmaking for Lawyers

Gideon Grunfeld was a large law firm litigator for almost ten years. After clerking for a Federal District Court judge in the Central District of California, he worked for the Los Angeles office of Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, and then at the Washington D.C. office of Covington & Burling. At Skadden, Gideon focused on management-side employment law and a variety of business litigation on behalf of clients such as Pepsi, Sunbeam, & Ralph Lauren. At Covington, Gideon’s practice largely consisted of business litigation, and antitrust regulatory work on behalf of clients such as Exxon, John Deere, and Union Pacific. He also developed a pro bono practice representing charter schools. Gideon is an honors graduate of University of California, Hastings College of the Law, as well as the University of Pennsylvania, where he majored in Economics.

Kathleen Tepley

Kathleen Tepley

Los Angeles Consulting Group

Kathleen Tepley is the Founder of Los Angeles Consulting Group (LACG), a company known for its business development support services and business growth events, including co-managing the Lido Family Office Investment Symposium, since 2010. Kathleen has a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry- providing business development consulting, support, and outsourced services to established Professional Service Firms, Family Offices & Private and Family Foundations. Kathleen’s strength is in connecting people and nurturing relationships. She has the ability to convert genuine, empathic connection with other human beings into sustainable, mutually beneficial personal and professional success stories. Kathleen has over two decades of expertise in business development.

Brian Newell

Brian Newell

Grandscape Investment Solutions

Brian Newell is the founder and President of Grandscape Investment Solutions, Inc. His company mission is to help clients create, protect, and grow their legacy wealth by providing conservative, high-yield opportunities to passively invest in cashflow producing commercial multifamily real estate.

Brian started his real estate legacy on the ground floor, working on-site in property management, learning the ins and outs of how to effectively manage income-producing commercial multifamily properties. After 6 years, he took his experience to the bank. Literally. Transitioning his management skills and training to the financial services sector, running business operations support for his team at one of the big 4 banks in the country. Brian realized passive income is king, returning to his real estate roots and founding his real estate investment firm in 2017.

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