Hollywood Royalty – Dakota Johnson

by NxtGen Nexus | Feb 4, 2022 | Lifestyle

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There’s no real anonymity for children who grew up in the shadows of their Hollywood famous parents, grandparents, siblings, or relatives. Dakota Mayi Johnson, born on October 4, 1989, knows this best as she was born in a Hollywood royal family. While Dakota is best known for portraying the role of shy, sultry, and sexually liberated Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades franchise, she has a lot more in her history both as an actress and as the next generation of her family’s lineage.

Born to Melanie Griffith (Working Girl, Lolita) and Don Johnson (Miami Vice, Knives Out), Dakota is also the granddaughter of one of Alfred Hitchcock’s muses, Tippi Hedren (The Birds, Marnie). Her parents are divorced but Melanie remarried another famous actor, Antonio Banderas, adding another name to the royal family.

Before she became an actress, Dakota kickstarted her career as a model. In 2006 while she was still in school, she signed a modeling deal and scored a good number of gigs. After a bunch of shooting campaigns for good brands, she decided she wanted to follow in the footsteps of the two generations before her. Dakota made her film debut in Crazy in Alabama (1999), directed by her stepfather Antonio and co-starred with her mother Melanie.

Her career didn’t take off for more than a decade after that. However, when she got started, she was unstoppable. After graduating high school, she began auditioning for roles in Los Angeles. Dakota was cast in a minor part of the film inspired by Mark Zuckerberg’s life story The Social Network (2010). Her breakthrough for a supporting role came in the form of the action-comedy film 21 Jump Street (2012).

She went on to star in the independent comedy Goats (2012) and the romantic comedy The Five-Year Engagement (2012). A few years later, she landed her iconic role as Anastasia Steele in the erotic romantic drama film franchise Fifty Shades of Gray (2015–2018). She received a BAFTA Rising Star Award nomination in 2016 for her candid portrayal of the role. She went on to star in more movies, mostly horror and thriller films, a break from her three-year stint of a whirlwind romance with Mr. Christian Grey.

A little fun fact about Dakota — she is a natural blonde. Although she has been wearing her hair in its lovely brunette shade for what it seems like since she debuted, her baby pictures depict a young Dakota with dirty blonde hair. She’s dyed it a couple of times for her roles but seems to prefer her chestnut to dark brown, long, wavy hair.

Another fun fact — Dakota is not only a talented model and a superb actress, but she is also now a founder of a production company, TeaTime Pictures. She wanted to develop her acting skills further and help other rookie actors do the same. She decided to team up with former Netflix development executive Ro Donnelly and is now running the company along with her career as a booked and busy actress.