Continuing our look at the families of Westeros and the family businesses they’d be likely to run:


House Tarly was one of the strongest houses that declared loyalty to House Tyrell, before that House was wiped out. In addition to their might as warriors and their wealth of land, the House has a proud tradition, as proven by the Lord of said house, Randyll Tarly, who submitted to immolation rather than swear fealty to Danaerys Targaryen. After Randyll and Dickon were eliminated by the Mother of Dragons, the rightful keeper of the House would seem to be Samwell Tarly, once exiled to the wall, then sent to serve the Maesters, helping them archive precious knowledge. Samwell was one of the first to realize the power of dragonglass and one of the only people to cure a stone man. As the ruler of his house, he would be a great chief of research and development.


House Mormont rules Bear Island, and have strong fealty to House Stark. They have a history of noble soldiers among them. Joer Mormont serves admirably as Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch before Jon Snow, and Jorah Mormont is a loyal aide to Danaerys Targaryen. Young Lyanna Mormont, Lady of the House, is steadfast in her loyalty to House Stark even when they are all but wiped out by their enemies. This House would to quite well in private security.


The House that rules the Iron Islands is a foreboding one. Its head is called Lord Reaper, it’s crest a Kraken. Balon Greyjoy attempted to rebel against the Iron Throne, with the result that his son Theon became hostage to the Starks. Balon later exiled his brother Euron and named his daughter Yara his heir. Due to their toughness and ability to manage the harsh seas around the Iron Islands, this family might be in the shipping business.

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