From One Mother to Another: Six Time Management Tips that will help you balance Family and Business

by NxtGen Nexus | Aug 13, 2019 | Family Business Women

The transition from mommy to business owner was a pretty easy one. It allowed me to use my ever growing needs from pregnancy to providing for my growing daughter, as inspiration to create products that benefit my customers. While my experience as a mother and business owner has been challenging, it has also been filled with joy and a feeling of accomplishment. When you really want something in life having the driving force of passion behind you makes everything you endure part of the journey.

I came up with the idea for Myrtle&Flossie while pregnant with my baby girl, so I’m thankful to her for the creation of my business. Both my daughter and my business were born in 2010. With every day that goes by I realize how I can be better–more effective and efficient–and serve the needs of my customers and my family.

Here are some tips that I have picked up along the way to help me successfully prioritize and manage my time while taking care of my family and business:

  • Take care of priorities first. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, work part-time or have a corporate job, take care of the smaller tasks so they don’t pile up and become overwhelming when larger tasks come along. Once they become too big to handle, they can impede upon the process of you getting work done for your business.
  • Working in an open and clean workspace is ideal! Cluttered space means a cluttered mind. It will be difficult to think straight, and get work done. Plus it sets a precedent to help you function more effectively and complete the daily task for your business.
  • What I have learned via my growing pains in starting my own business, is that it is best to get all of my house duties, family priorities, and personal tasks completed first. Then I have more time to complete my business tasks. It’s about working smarter not harder and maximizing your time.
  • Complete one task at a time. Rome was not built in a day
  • Set up a schedule or some sort of calendar of daily business activities and only complete the tasks allocated for the specific day. Example: I allocate time for social media marketing, e-mail campaigns, and finding new ways to grow my brand for Mondays only. So Mondays are my online administrative days.
  • The beginning stage of owning your own business is a one-man show. You have to prioritize to get anything done and use your time effectively so that you are not wasting any of it. You want to work with the currents or flow of life, not against it.

Being a mother and business owner can be pretty hectic and you may feel like you have little time to accomplish everything you need to accomplish. However, with these tips you will be able to manage your time effectively, as you are able to spend time with your family and loved ones while starting and growing your business.

Nia Reid Allen is the founder and CEO of Myrtle & Flossie, a one-stop online boutique that offers body products, essential baby items and fashionable clothing for before, during and after pregnancy. Her expert knowledge of the fashion, beauty and maternity field has led her to be featured in several publications including Harlem love birds, Espera Magazine and the BRAVO TV Series “Pregnant in Heels.” You can purchase her products by visiting her website at

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