Family Business Has Expanded But Retained Personal Service

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CUYAHOGA FALLS, OHIO – Eddy’s Deli & Restaurant is a family business that “never says ‘no’ to the customer.”

Eddy Qolak, who came from the Middle East to the United States in 1996, followed his older brothers, Chuck and Moe Qolak to find their dreams.

Eddy began as a cook for his brother, Chuck, at a Fairview Park restaurant, but he wanted a place of his own.

In 2005 Eddy and Moe opened Eddy’s at 2655 Oakwood Drive. The building had been leased to a grocery store, ice cream shop and two restaurants.

“We were worried about opening the place,” Eddy said. “I have the experience, but it’s very tough. You have to watch close or lose it.”

Family members have helped with his business, and Eddy has shared his success by opening Eddy’s at 4581 Kent Road in Stow in 2009 with his brother Chuck and Lyla’s Family Restaurant at 1911 Bailey Road in 2015 with his cousin Willie El-Qawlak and Brandie Alfattah, who is a manager at Eddy’s.

Alfattah said Eddy helps everyone and builds them up.

“He’s awesome,” Alfattah said. “He made sure everyone else succeeds.”

All three locations are similar in size, seating about 100 customers each.

“It’s is my dream come true,” Eddy said. “We’re doing good so far.”

Eddy does the homemade cooking and works every day at the Oakwood Drive location.

“Since I was a kid I enjoyed cooking,” Eddy said. “My favorite hobby is cooking.”

The most important thing for a restaurant is to make the customer happy, Eddy said.

“Never say no to the customer,” Eddy said. “No one leaves here angry or hungry.”

Moe said they often cook to order and offer low prices for large servings of food.

“I love customers to come in the kitchen and thank me,” Eddy said. “It makes me feel better than a million dollars.”

Some of the favorite dishes at Eddy’s include the breakfast omelets, stuffed potato pancakes and Reubens. The menu includes American cuisine, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern.

“The casual family atmosphere appeals to regulars, and people come for the homemade food, friendly service and good prices for big portions,” Alfattah said.

Eddy’s in Cuyahoga Falls is open Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. To 9 p.m. And Sundays from 7 a.m. To 8 p.m.

The menu and more information can be found at

Phone: 330-541-9434

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