Al Rose - Family Business Confidential: Red Apple Farm

Q: How old were you when you started working for the family business?
A: Age 13; paid $1.85/hour.
Q: What was your first job in the family business?
A: Grading and sorting apples
Q: Who or what inspired you to go into the business?
A: The opportunity to carry on a family tradition and legacy for future generations.
Q: What would you have done if you didn’t go into the business?
A: Work in foreign country leveraging multilingual and multicultural competencies.
Q: What is your long-term goal for the business?
A: To ensure farm enterprise is sustainable, viable and relevant for future generations.
Q: What’s the most important moment in the company’s history?
A: Decision by the second generation, my father, to drastically change business focus from wholesale to retail.
Q: What’s your favorite event for employees?
A: Thanksgiving Harvest Festival. Celebration of a season, harvest and the holidays
Q: Are there any “rites of passages” for family members that join the firm?


A: They are expected to live / work outside the family business for 5 years prior to assuming management roles.
Q: Was there an event that triggered the change from “the kid” to a valued member of the management team?
A: Taking ownership of the books. Understanding income and expenses is critical to strategic thinking.
Q: What was your closest moment to leaving the business?
A: The farm business transfer was lengthy and difficult and at times in a stand still.
Q: Include any additional information that provides insight into your Family Business?
A: Weather impacts all aspects of our business. Diversification in products, season, & locations is key.

Family Business Confidential: Red Apple Farm

Aug 23, 2017 | FBAMass_FBconfidential

NxtGen Nexus gives you the story behind the story about life in the Family Business. Al Rose, third generation owner and operator of 105-year-old Rose Apple Farm, shares the story of how he came into the family business.

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