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Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley

You’re the “next gen” of your family business, wondering when you’ll be in charge, or if you are, how to do it your way. You may feel alone, unique, but you’re not. There are many of you, right here in Pioneer Valley. Use NxtGenNexus to check out their stories, share yours, and you might even run into some old friends.

Family Restaurant Recipes : Salem Cross Inn

Salem Cross Inn has been serving traditional dishes in their colonial home and farm into the second generation as well as catering and hosting thoroughly modern weddings and theatrical events.

Family Business Giving Back: Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture

CISA (Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture). CISA supports farms, farm families, NXT GENS as successors, young entrepreneurs going into growing, and local customers of local producers, through education, marketing, policy and action, and more. 
       Meet the NxtGens of WMass

       The Journey

The Journey

is the decision whether to enter or reject the Family Business. Where did this journey begin?


Forget fingers and toes. Forget whether you look like Aunt Edna. The only question anybody cares about going into the Family Business.

First Job

How old were you? Did you get paid? Ha Ha. Did you get lunch out of it?

Nxt Door Neighbors

Living next  door to cousins was great, especially if your Aunt‘s cooler than your Mom. But does Mom really like spending 24/7 with Dad’s family?

Family Business Rituals

Was it potluck dinner on inventory day? How come my family had to take inventory, but my cousins didn’t. In “Bloodline”, they had the Family Table.

Rejecting It All

Could you imagine living the rest of your life without being the “kid”?

Coming Home

Sure they’re crazy, but they’re your crazy. Whether you join the business or not, you’ve always have a home.
   Strategic Partners
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“If you think outside my box, I’ll think outside your box” the antithetical pondering of Ira Bryck (feel free to quote, with proper attribution)

  • What is the difference between your thinking when you feel at your best and at your worst?; and how can you hold true to what you think is truest?
  • If your family business could more successfully navigate difficult discussions and make difficult decisions, how specifically might you be better off or different than you are today?
  • How will you detect, immunize from, defend against, what is lurking in your blind spot?
  • What is the big competitive advantage of the family members in your company? How can you leverage it better?
  • What are the big differences between how you see your company, and how your employees, suppliers and customers see it? What are the implications and consequences of those disparities?

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Where do You Get Your Best Ideas?

Many people say the shower, or on a walk, or while trying to clear their head of all thoughts during morning meditation. Those are good, for sure,...

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