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Family Business Association Massachusetts

The Family Business Association is the leading independent, non-profit organization serving family business enterprises in New England. The Family Business Association is dedicated to the advancement and recognition of family businesses as unique and invaluable contributors to the economy and to providing educational programing and various other forums for family businesses to exchange knowledge and experience in the advancement of this mission.

Family Businesses Giving Back: Anton’s Cleaners Establishes Caring Partners Inc.

We focus our lens on Anton’s Cleaners, a third-generation family-owned retail store in Spencer, Massachusetts.

Family Restaurant Recipes: Woodman’s of Essex’s World-Famous Fried Clams

A local favorite, Woodman’s is also known internationally for its New England clambakes and its signature fried clams.

Family Business Awards & New England Family Business Conference

Join us this year on October 24-25 at The Colonnade Hotel in Boston to celebrate and educate area family businesses. The Family Business Association Awards for Massachusetts will be the night of the 24th followed by the New England Family Business Conference on the 25th.

Family Business Confidential: Red Apple Farm

NxtGen Nexus gives you the story behind the story about life in the Family Business. Al Rose, third generation owner and operator of 105-year-old Rose Apple Farm, shares the story of how he came into the family business.

Family Foto: Klem's

We focus our lens on Klem's, a third-generation family-owned retail store in Spencer, Massachusetts.
Family Business Association
For membership or registration questions, and for event logistics questions, call 617-896-5373 or email familybiz@thewarrengroup.com.
For sponsorship questions call 617-896-5357 or email familybiz@thewarrengroup.com.

Family Business Association Website

Recent News

Amway: Pyramid Scheme or Family Business Success?

After nearly 60 years in business, the world’s most famous multi-level marketing (MLM) business generated $8.8 billion in revenue in 2016. This despite the rough road the company has had to traverse almost every year since its inception in 1959.

Community Engagement

Community engagement is a hallmark of many successful family businesses. Family business leaders make giving back to the communities that support them a pillar of their businesses. Indeed, each fall, the Conway Center for Family Business honors and celebrates many family businesses who are exemplary stewards of our Central Ohio community at its...

Conway Center Quoted in Dispatch Editorial – Help Wanted: Must Have Skills, Values

February 22, Conway Center – Nearly in 1 in 3 family businesses in central Ohio report that they’re worried about finding qualified people to fill jobs. While that sounds like a good problem to have — central Ohio’s unemployment rate is at a near 15-year low — this threatens the region’s economic vitality. When jobs go unfilled, they don’t...


Richard Stavis

President & CEO, Stavis Seafoods

The Journey

The Moment

is the decision whether to enter or reject the Family Business. Where did this journey begin?

Rejecting It All

Could you imagine living the rest of your life without being the “kid”?

Nxt Door Neighbors

Living next  door to cousins was great, especially if your Aunt‘s cooler than your Mom. But does Mom really like spending 24/7 with Dad’s family?

First Job

How old were you? Did you get paid? Ha Ha. Did you get lunch out of it?

Family Business Rituals

Was it potluck dinner on inventory day? How come my family had to take inventory, but my cousins didn’t. In “Bloodline”, they had the Family Table.

Coming Home

Sure they’re crazy, but they’re your crazy. Whether you join the business or not, you’ve always have a home.


Forget fingers and toes. Forget whether you look like Aunt Edna. The only question anybody cares about going into the Family Business.

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