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Mar 9, 2017 | Uncategorized

NxtGen Nexus gives you the story behind the story about life in the Family Business.

Q: What was your first job in the Family Business?

A: We used a lot of hole punches when we use to put together training manuals. I was in charge of sweeping up the punch holes.

Q: How old were you when first started working?

A: Four years old. My family would go in on Saturdays to catch up on paperwork. I would tag along.

Q: How much were paid?

A: Are you kidding? I was lucky to get lunch.

Q: Are there any family business rituals or practices?

A: Every year we’d take the entire company to home opener for The Ohio State University football game. We still do it today.

Q: Was there a major turning point that allowed the business to continue to thrive?

A: We were originally in the equipment reseller business until the mid-80s when my Uncle Fred decided to refocus our efforts into a business technology solutions company. If we hadn’t made the transition, we’d have gone out of business.

Q: Any advice for Millennials thinking about entering the family business?

A: Don’t go directly into the business. If you work other places, you’ll get additional skills and appreciation for working in the business.

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