This Veterans’ Day, as we do every year, we remember all the amazing sacrifices that veterans have made for our country. Many of those veterans continue to give to the nation upon their return home, in many different ways, including starting small businesses with their families. Starting a new business can be difficult, especially after having given so much time to public service, so many big companies want to do their part to help these veterans and their families find their way. That’s where the Coalition for Veteran-Owned Businesses comes in.

The Coalition for Veteran-Owned Businesses is a group of industry leaders who have banded together to help support and provide resources for veteran-owned and military family businesses. Such prestigious companies as American Express, BP America, Walmart and Disney are founding members of the coalition.

The CVOB recognizes that more than 2.5 million small businesses in America are veteran-owned, generating over $1 trillion a year in sales. The goal of the coalition is to increase opportunities for these businesses to succeed through methods such as:

  • Identifying gaps in the veteran and spouse vendor supply chain
  • Increasing employment opportunities for veterans and their spouses
  • Increasing public market opportunities for veteran and spouse businesses through building awareness and driving commerce
  • Increasing awareness and opportunities for access to capital for these businesses.

Recent CVOB events have included a Founder Bootcamp on raising money for startups, and various “startup weekends,” intensive retreats where veterans and their families can come together to share ideas and network.

To look through and start taking advantage of the coalition’s resources, just visit their website resources page. If you’d like to register your veteran-owned family business, you can do so here. If you’re interested in joining as a corporate or affiliate member, you can learn more about that here.

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