Hope everyone was good to their mom this mother’s day! In honor of our hardworking moms, here are a cool dozen quotes from some of the hottest moms in business today, collected from the “In Good Company” summit in San Francisco last fall:

“If I were a man in corporate America, I’d be thrilled! I’d sit back and say, ‘Yeah, go ask the women how they do it all.’”

“There are only two genders, and they’re all over the world yet we’re still having the same conversation.”

“Don’t be polite.”

Tartine founder Elisabeth Prueitt

“Don’t hire people who have experience but don’t feel right for the company. It usually doesn’t work out.”

“Ninety-nine percent of anything is showing up. The minute you stop showing up, people stop following you.”

Clare V founder Clare Vivier

“Even if you’re not a numbers person, don’t hand over your books completely. I did, and it got me to a very scary place.”

“If it feels weird, don’t take money from that person. It only gets worse.”

“Meetings with female investors are so much more straightforward. You’d think it would be chattier with women, but it’s not. Everyone has to pick up their kids.”

Moon Juice founder Amanda Chantal Bacon

“Handing over something because I didn’t feel qualified to do it is always something I’ve regretted.”

Solly Baby founder Elle Rowley

“Identify your fear and make friends with someone in that group. There is no ‘over there.’”

LGBTQI advocate Jodie Patterson

“I’ve made it my mission to teach my girls they can make something from nothing. I am in it for the girls.”

Oh, Joy! founder Joy Cho

“Not everything can be cured with green juice. Some people’s brains are not chemically balanced and if you never hear anyone else say that, you just think you’re a bad person. That can be a dark, scary, dangerous place.”

Cookbook author and podcaster Laura Miller

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