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When you try to discuss the future of your business with the senior generation, do they start humming “Tomorrow Never Comes”?

Does your sister assume she should be president because she’s a year older?

Are you trying to put your own stamp on the company, and lead according to your own style, but others are pushing back?

REST ASSURED, YOU’RE NOT ALONE!! You have all the telltale symptoms of NXTGEN syndrome!

Ira Bryck, director of the Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley, will attempt to lend you some perspective and a fresh outlook on your next gen of the family business problems. Simply email him, your question, to Ask Ira.

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Ask Ira – Machine Shop Succession Woes

Ask Ira – Machine Shop Succession Woes

Dear Ira I’m glad to have the chance to write you, to see if you have an opinion that could break the stalemate between my parents, my siblings and myself, in our 3rd generation precision machine shop. The predicament is this: none of the 5 of us made a conscious...

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