When you have goats on your land and want to teach your kids something about business, what do you do? Start a goat milk soap company, of course! The 2 Farm Boys that give 2 Farm Boys Soap Company its name are the children of Colleen Cummings and her husband, two Utah natives who rented three goats to eat the weeds on their canal bank.

Unfortunately, they soon discovered that goats are not crazy about water and would not cooperate with their plan. But by the time the Cummings figured this out, the goats had already made themselves a part of the family. While the family pondered what to do with their newfound, non-landscaping goats, a friend suggested using the milk to make soap, and the rest was history.

After some false starts, the Cummings figured out how to make some rich, lathery, cleansing soap out of their goats’ milk and are enjoying great prosperity with their sons, who are extremely hands-on in the business. In fact, making it a family business was a big part of Colleen’s motivation in starting the company.

“The 2 Farm Boys are real. They are the reason we do what we do,” she said. “My husband and I have a firm belief that kids need to learn compassion, hard work, problem-solving skills, persistence, and that its ok to get your hands dirty. We want them to balance their digital exposure with time outdoors. They know that it is work before play, but we encourage them to play hard, and they enjoy sports, scouting, hanging out with neighborhood friends, and spending time using their imaginations to have fun on the farm.”

Whether the “2 Farm Boys” will stay with the business as they grow older and whether they pass it on to their own children remains to be seen, but what is for certain is that they are learning some great business values for the future by being a part of this family business!

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Allen Esrock is the Founder of NxtGen Nexus. Prior to that he started Jitter Fingers, the first safe, social networking website for tween girls and their bffs. They were Jitter Finger clubs in 12+ countries and 250+ cities in the US.

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