My Family Business Journey

Growing up in a family business has the same challenges whether you’re in Los Angeles or Lagos, retail or real estate, or running the business and in some cases, running from the business.

The family business also plays a huge role in your childhood’s the family business.  Take a stroll through my family business journey and see if any of it sounds familiar.  


Forget fingers and toes. The only question anybody cares about going is are you going into the Family Business.

First Job

We owned Big Mens Shops in St. Louis, Missouri so our customers were 6' 3" or wore 46” waist pants.  When I was five-years old, I would stand guard at the front door to stop shoplifters during the Christmas shopping season. It was the “Land of the Giants”.

What did I get paid for performing this act of heroism?  The SFBW - Standard Family Business Wage which was, and still is, nothing. I did get lunch.

Next Door Neighbors

Living next door to my cousins was great.  Of course being 24/7 family wasn't so special for my G2 mom and especially her sister-inlaw  Eventually, they moved.

Lunch with Dad

For 50-years, my dad would walk to Miss Hullings at 725 Olive Street.  Every day he ordered the Luncheon Special and every night he'd tell us about what was on the Luncheon Special.  I didn't realize there were other places to have lunch in downtown St. Louis until my 20's.

Family Business Rituals

On Christmas Eve, we went to Ruggeri's to celebrate the end of Christmas Shopping season and the beginning of return season.  Santa Clause was one of our customers (Big Men Shops) so we always got extra stockings.

Rejecting It All

Growing up in the world where you're known as the “kid”, "squirt", or "junior" can be overwhelming.  It also comes with great expectations.  Sometimes walking away from it all sounds prety enticing.

Coming Home

Sure family businesses are crazy, but they’re your crazy. Whether you join the business or not, there's nothing more special than growing up in a family business.

How Can You Achieve Success

NxtGens around the world grapple with the personal/professional challenges due to the overlap of family, wealth, and the business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join NxtGen Nexus?

Anybody with first hand experience of being part of a family business including; 1)  working in the business, 2)  not working in the family business, 3) in-laws; and 4) family office members.  We also welcome you if you're a first-generation business working with siblings, spouses or cousins..

How do you make sure only NxtGens are on NxtGen Connect?

NxtGen Nexus has a two-part process to verify you as 100% NxtGen. The first step is filling out a 30-second form with basic information and if you’ve been referred by one of our trusted partners. We’ll review the information and get back to you in 48-hours to complete the process.

How do I meet people?

After you complete your sign up, you go to NxtGen Connect and look for potential matches..  You can send as many Connect Requests as you want. Interested matches will contact you via your email or social links.

What about my privacy?

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us.  NxtGen Connect will display your matches, but you won't see their names, email addresses, business names and only very general information about the business.  If you see someone that interests you, you make the decision to send them a Connect Request which reveals your name, email and other information you entered.

Why should I sign-up?

Wouldn't it be great to part of a community that understands what it's like to be part of a family business?  NxtGen Connect helps you connect with other NxtGens to answer questions about your business, identify business opportunities, visit family businesses in foreign countries, and comfortably discuss your aspirations for your family business and your life.

Why do I want to meet NxtGens that aren’t in my industry?

It's incredibly important to have peers to discuss industry specific issues including working from home, technology changes, and ESG. You miight not want to ask those same peers questions such as “when is Dad going to step down”, “how do I fairly compensate non-working family business members”, and “how can I help my spouse who is unhappy working in the business”.  NxtGen Connect allows you to  connect with people who share the problems and are not within your industry.

Are you consultants?

We're not that smart.  Our goal is to provide you access to the best-in-class tools and professional advice that you need to be successful. The contents of this site provide general information only. It is not intended as legal or accounting advice. Accordingly, you should not act upon information in this website without seeking professional advice.

What does it cost?

NxtGen Membership is free to qualifying family business NxtGens.