NxtGen Nexus

NxtGen Nexus is a local/global community of Family Business and Family Office NxtGens whose lives were shaped by the Family Enterprise.  Whether you're running the business or running from the business, NxtGen Nexus is a community that cares about you.

Family Business Rules!


Whether it's the World Champion Los Angeles Lakers or 1000s of other companies, Family Businesses have shaped today’s Los Angeles.

Visit NGN-LA and share in the Family Business community.

NxtGen Connect

NxtGen Connect enables Family Business and Family Office NxtGens to identify local and global peers that understand the unique pressures, issues and joy of being part of a Family Enterprise.


NxtGen Nexus' Book Reviews, Monthly Global Columnists and University Family Business Educational programs enhances Enterprising Family NxtGens' personal and professional education.

Bites & Bytes

Family Business influences culture including movies, television, music, fashion, and the monarchy.  Relax and have some fun.

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